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Jun 11, 2018

Weed Management For Landscapes - Yellow Nutsedge

In this video, Tony Goldsby from Ewing Irrigation offers some tips for managing Yellow Nutsedge.......

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Sprinkler in the yard

July 12, 2018

5 Tips for Common Pump Needs

Pumps are a lot less complicated than they appear at first glance. Understanding a few basics will go a long way, but you don’t have to be a pump expert. Whether you’re starting your pump for the first time, or you’re a pump.....

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Water and Sustainability Innovation Award

July 10, 2018

New Award Will Honor Sustainable and Water-Efficient Projects

As our nation experiences water challenges with increasing severity and frequency, innovative water management solutions are essential in preventing and combating these issues.

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Sprinkler in the yard

July 5, 2018

Must-Have Smart Irrigation Products for 2018

Imagine every time you wanted something to drink you filled up two glasses but poured one straight into the sink. Does it feel wrong or wasteful? It’s actually similar to what we’re doing in most of our yards, parks and landscapes.