Reclaimed Handle for ICV Valves

Hunter Reclaimed Handle for ICV Valves


SKU#:44561205 | MFG#:34062

  • Application: Commercial/municipal
  • Fits all sizes: 1”, 1½”, 2”, 3”
  • Replacement handle for Hunter ICV valves
  • Marks valves with purple reclaimed water requirement
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The commercial-grade ICV was built to work seamlessly with the most demanding systems. It boasts an array of reliable features like a fabric reinforced EPDM diaphragm and seat, and flow control. It can consistently operate at up to 220 PSI, and will continue working through difficult circumstances like high velocities, fluctuating flow rates, and challenging water conditions. In addition to its unmatched reliability, the ICV is also exceptionally easy to maintain. Its bonnet fasteners can be loosened and tightened using a variety of common contractor tools. A Filter Sentry option is also available for applications that involve dirty water. The Filter Sentry system keeps the valve free of debris found in reclaimed water or ponds. For the ultimate reliability in high pressure situations, the ICV is clearly the professional's ultimate choice.

Advanced Features

  • Filter Sentry™: The Filter Sentry scours the filter clean with a wiper that slides up and covers the entire screen when the valve opens. Even more, the wiper continues to scrub the filter's upper part during valve operation. The Filter Sentry can be added after the valve is installed as well.
  • Reclaimed Water Identification: The purple tag is an option for a clear, quick, and simple method of identifying the use of non-potable water.
  • Accu-Sync™ Pressure Regulation: Avoid sprinkler over-pressure conditions and experience significant water savings with Hunter's Accu-Sync pressure regulator. This option is available in adjustable pressure or fixed pressure models.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Application: Commercial/municipal
  • Glass-filled nylon construction results in the highest pressure rating
  • External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy “at the valve” activation
  • Double-beaded diaphragm bead design for superior leak-free performance
  • Fabric reinforced EPDM diaphragm and EPDM seat ensure superior performance in all water conditions
  • Captive bonnet bolts provide hassle-free valve maintenance
  • Low flow capability allows for use with Hunter's micro irrigation products
  • Encapsulated 24 VAC solenoid with captive plunger for hassle-free service
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