3/4 Inch Blu-Lock® Swing Pipe 100 Ft. Coil

Hydro-Rain 3/4 Inch Blu-Lock® Swing Pipe 100 Ft. Coil



  • 3/4 Inch Swing Pipe
  • 100 Foot Coil
  • Blu-Lock® by Hydro-Rain® pipe
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Working in a sprinkler trench is tough enough - don't make it harder by using traditional pipe fitting methods that require hot, toxic glue, clamps or frustrating barbed fittings. Hydro-Rain offers a better way: Blu-Lock.

Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do faster and easier with Blu-Lock. Primer? Glue? Clamps? Tools? With the Blu-Lock system, you don't need them!

Simply stated, Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain is the fastest, greenest, irrigation installation method in the world.

Built for Speed Advantages:

  • Patented "Push-and-Go" Design - 100% tool and chemical free approach cuts installation time in half.
  • True System Integration - Total compatibility of fittings, pipe, manifolds, valves, saddles, and heads.
  • Exclusive Trench and Trenchless Technology - Coil and straight length pipe options provide unrivaled flexibility.

Built for Green Advantages:

  • Blu-Lock Pipe is Green - Environmentally-friendly, recyclable HDPE pipe provides a superior alternative to PVC.
  • Blu-Lock Fittings are Green - Outside diameter (OD) technology ensure lower friction loss for better efficiency.
  • And Both are Chemical Free - Glueless, tool-free installation protects the environment and the long-term health of your crew.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction - Built tough fittings made from UV-resistant ABS, stainless steel and EPDM seals are designed and tested to ensure toughness.
  • Patented Retaining System - Stainless steel teeth grip pipe tight for a strong, leak-proof connection.
  • Outside Diameter (OD) Technology - Flow is unimpeded for 25 percent increase in flow versus traditional insert fittings.
  • High Quality and "Easy Flex" - Blu-Lock lateral and swing pipe are made from virgin resins and meet ASTM standards.
  • Patented Quick-Release Collar - 1/2" swing fittings feature quick-release mechanism that allows tool-free removal.
  • Hydro-Rain Warranty - 3-year limited warranty on fittings, 30-year limited warranty on pipe. Some restrictions apply.
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