FSI S Series 3-inch Saddle Flow Sensor

Creative Sensor Technology FSI S Series 3-inch Saddle Flow Sensor



  • Impeller type flow sensor in a three inch PVC saddle mount.
  • Measures flow rates from 6 to 300 GPM.
  • Pressure rated at 150 PSI working pressure.
  • Compatible with all major brands of irrigation controllers with digital flow inputs.
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Creative Sensor Technology FSI series flow sensors feature proven impeller based technology designed for flow monitoring/flow control applications in irrigation, water conservation and related industries.

The sensor features a digital pulse output signal proportional to flow. The electrical characteristics of the output are compatible with all manufacturers’ control products that accept digital pulse signal inputs.

The output signal will travel up to 2,000 feet without amplification using shielded, twisted-pair wire.

The key elements of this new design are a proprietary mounting saddle for PVC pipe featuring a tapered wedge sealing system, an ultra-lightweight impeller and solid state sensing electronics giving the FSI series sensor improved performance. FSI series flow sensors may be installed above or below grade in saturated or flooded conditions.


  • Provides real time rate of flow data to irrigation controllers for:
    • Flow metering
    • Flow totalizing
    • Leak detection control and alarm
    • Valve malfunction control and alarm
    • Pipe failure control and alarm
  • Provides real time rate of flow data to fertigation control
  • Provides real time rate of flow data to pump controls


  • Flow Range – 0.25 – 12 FPS, 6 to 288 GPM
  • Pressure Rating – 150 PSI working pressure
  • Friction loss - 0.15 PSI at high flow range
  • Temperature Range-32 degrees-140 degrees F
  • Supply voltage 8-35 VDC
  • Frequency Range- 0.3 to 200 HZ
  • Materials of Construction;
    • Mounting saddle, sensor insert and retaining nut- Type 1 PVC
    • Impeller- High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Shaft – tungsten carbide
    • O-ring- Buna N
  • Electrical Leads – 2 single conductor, #18 AWG solid copper wire with direct burial insulation, colored red for positive and black for negative measuring 48 inches in length.
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