3/4 Inch PVC-Lock® 90 Degree Elbow

Hydro-Rain 3/4 Inch PVC-Lock® 90 Degree Elbow



  • 3/4 Inch 90° Elbow
  • Slip x Slip
  • PVC-Lock® by Hydro-Rain® fitting
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PVC-Lock® by Hydro-Rain® is a remarkable push-fit fitting for repairing or installing PVC piped sprinkler systems without toxic glues or primers. Each PVC-Lock® fitting contains a stainless steel retainer ring and an O-ring seal, preventing leaking at both low and abnormally high pressures.

Using PVC-Lock® fittings allows you to "lose the glue" and reduces traditional installation times by over 50%. With PVC-Lock® you'll leave your project with clean hands and a clear conscience knowing that your installation crew and the environment are being protected from harmful chemicals.

Built for Speed Advantages:

  • Patent Pending "Push-and-Go" Design - 100% tool and chemical free approach that cuts installation time in half or more.

Built for Green Advantages:

  • PVC-Lock® Fittings are Chemical Free - Glueless, tool-free installation protects the environmental and the long-term health of your crew.

Features and Benefits:

  • Patent Pending Retaining System - Stainless steel teeth grip pipe tight for a strong, leak-proof connection.
  • Swivels on the Pipe - After installation PVC-Lock® fittings can swivel 360° around the pipe allowing easy sprinkler head orientation and adjustment.
  • Universal - For use with all brands of Schedule 40 and 80 and Class PVC pipe.
  • Removable and Reusable - On-site sizing adjustments are easy using the PVC-Lock removal tool.
  • Pressure Rated - Use on either side of the irrigation valve.


  • Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI
  • Burst pressure: 600 PSI
  • Working pressure: 0-150 PSI
  • Certifications: IAPMO IGC 300-2013
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