2 Inch Check Valve Assembly for SK900 and 1200 Pro

AquaScape 2 Inch Check Valve Assembly for SK900 and 1200 Pro


SKU#:60100120 | MFG#:29503

  • The Signature Series check valve comes with two adaptors that replace the standard pvc pipe sockets on each end of the check valve
  • One adaptor threads directly into the pump, the other threads directly into the bulkhead on the back of the skimmer that supplies water to the Classic skimmer
  • Connects pump to 2 inch flex PVC plumbing pipe
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Check Valve Assembly for two inch Pump Output with a threaded MPT. This size is used in the Aquascape Designs Grande Skimmers. The Flexible PVC pipe can be cut on site for a custom fit. Flexible PVC Glue is required for the installation. The new removable connection added below the check valve allows you to remove pump without draining the BIOFALLS Filter. You need a check valve assembly to hook up your pump to your plumbing. The check valve also prevents water from draining out of the BIOFALLS Filter and simplifies pump removal during winter or maintenance times.

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