2.5 Gallons Carb-Amp 21-0-0 Plus 6.8 Sulfuric Acid Fertilizer

2.5 Gallons Carb-Amp 21-0-0 Plus 6.8 Sulfuric Acid Fertilizer



  • Available in Florida only
  • Self regulating formulation
  • Enhances nutrient availability by positively impacting oxidation reduction potential
  • Contains optimal ratios of carbon bonds, oxygen, hydrogen and stabilized sulfuric acid
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A stabilized, high efficiency nitrogen formulated with complex carbohydrates and nutrient efficiency polymers, designed to stabilize nitrogen against volatilization loss while increasing plant availability of many soil solution macro and micro nutrients. It has synergistic impacts with residual fertilizers and soil nutrients due to its capability solubilize and liberate nutrients bound to the soil colloid and render them plant available.

Produced in a state of the art, controlled reaction facility. Contains optimal ratios of carbon bonds, oxygen, hydrogen and stabilized sulfuric acid, allowing it to perform in a wider range of soil and water pH conditions compared to most other nitrogen and sulfur products. It is not adversely impacted volatilization, due to its highly stable molecular structure. It is stable in irrigation water and releases in the soil solution working to mitigate impacts of alkalinity, bi-carbonate and sodium contamination.

Carb-amps's molecular structure facilitates highly efficient conversion of N to the ammonium from (NH+4) and then holds it in that phase longer, minimizing loss to volatilization and leaching. Ammonium matabolism requires oxygen and biological activity from nitrosomonas. Carb-amp contains the fuels driving this process. Carb-amp is highly efficient as it optimizes these energy consuming processes by providing NH4+O2, which are required during assimilation of N through the root system.

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