1 HP LP Series Turf Irrigation Pump

Munro 1 HP LP Series Turf Irrigation Pump


SKU#:66016110 | MFG#:LP100B

  • 1 horsepower cast iron self-priming pump.
  • Perfect for residential turf irrigation such as drawing water from ponds, lakes, streams, cisterns and shallow wells.
  • Cast iron body and internal components for proven long-term performance and reliability.
  • Includes a durable and low maintenance brass impeller with the longest life in its class.
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Designed specifically for turf irrigation, this self-priming pump provides outstanding performance to horsepower ratio. Our LP Series is truly heavy duty, offering standard high-end features that our competitors only offer as pricey add-ons. Professionals trust the LP Series to deliver trouble-free performance.

While many centrifugal turf irrigation pumps are made out of plastic, which wears and warps, our cast iron construction and brass impeller mean that our self-priming pumps are built to stand the test of time, even in more unusual or difficult environments. Testing in tough conditions shows Munro LP series pumps last up to four times as long as typical competitors products.

With two priming ports and a durable steel base plate, installing a Munro LP Series is a snap. When it’s time to maintain or winterize the pump, you’ll love our two drain valves. A stainless steel wear ring reduces oxidation and friction, minimizing wear and repairs. If you do have to service the pump, stainless steel bolts and a dry-socket design provide easy access.

Key Features

  • Brass Impeller: Longest life in its class. Offers greatest durability and reduces costly maintenance vs. plastic impellers.
  • Built-In Priming & Drain Ports: Added start-up and maintenance convenience, no extra parts to buy.
  • Cast Iron Construction: Designed for long term performance, season after season. No plastic case to warp or crack.
  • Sensor Port: Allows temperature monitoring to avoid costly maintenance issues.
  • Cast Iron Diffuser: Assures durability for the life of the pump.
  • Stainless Steel Wear Ring: Reduces springtime oxidation and impeller friction.
  • Stainless Steel Bolts: No more "busting knuckles" to remove bolts during maintenance.
  • Steel Base Plate: Easiest, most stable mounting. With four handy bolt holes.
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