19-0-5 With .107 Percent Dithiopyr Herbicide

HJE 19-0-5 With .107 Percent Dithiopyr Herbicide

HJE 19-0-5 25%PCU W.107DIT

SKU#:51214100 | MFG#:58517

  • N = 19%
  • K = 5%
  • .107% Dithiopyr Herbicide

Unsure which pre-emergent is right for you? Use these three tips for successful pre-emergent applications.

Learn everything you need to know about pre-emergents. Watch.

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Provides pre-emergence control of crabgrass (large, smooth, and southern species) when applied prior to emergence of crabgrass from the ground. In addition, this product provides “early post emergence” control during the early stages of growth after crabgrass emerges from the ground. Particles are closely matched in size to minimize segregation and maximize uniformity of spread.

Top Three Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Getting ready for the spring and summer seasons is a big job—especially if you want to avoid killing and pulling weeds all summer long. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring is a good way to get ahead of the game, but... Read more

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