1-Inch High Volume Garden Hose Nozzle

Kochek Co. Inc. 1-Inch High Volume Garden Hose Nozzle


SKU#:68005015 | MFG#:IRNZ015-HV

  • Perfect for heavy watering
  • High Volume
  • Has a "Jump" feature
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Kochek’s NZ015-HV High Volume Nozzle leads the industry, providing flow at 100 GPM (using a 1" hose). This nozzle is perfect for heavy watering of turf or infields and will save you time and energy due to its superior flow. Our high volume "jump" nozzles provide a 20-60 GPM flow rate, allowing selective water distribution for turf and infields. It comes equipped with the "JUMP" feature, providing a stream (at 60 GPM) or fog (at 20 GPM), making it the most versatile of all the "JUMP" nozzles.

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