About Ewing 

Who we are, what we sell, and who we sell to:

Ewing Irrigation is a wholesale irrigation products distributor based in Phoenix, AZ. With over 170 locations nationwide Ewing is a family owned and operated company founded in 1922. Ewing sells water management devices, erosion control / hydroseeding materials, turf products, residential and commercial landscaping and irrigation supplies, golf irrigation, water features, landscape lighting, industrial plastics, and pumps to to contractors and commercial end users.For more information about our history please see our History.

Our Mission Statement:

  1. Conduct our business with a high commitment to values of:
  1. Sell landscape, landscape irrigation, industrial and golf products
  2. Sell to Contractors and Commercial end users
  3. Strive for Service Excellence
  4. Develop SERVICES for Contractors and Commercial end users
  5. Build a mutually profitable relationship with each customer
  6. Be the safest, most efficient provider of goods and services in our industry.
  7. Have fun doing it!

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The Ewing Advantage 

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Requesting More Information 

All Ewing printed materials including the Ewing Catalog, Pricebook, Linecards and other literature as well as contact from a sales representative can be requested online. Home Owners can even obtain referrals online.

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Signing Up for a Ewing Account 

You can sign up for a Cash Card Account by filling out a Cash Card Application online, printing it out and mailing it to Ewing headquarters. You can also drop it off at your local branch and they will send it in. We also have a spanish Cash Card Application.

You can also apply for a Ewing Credit Account by filling out the form and mailing it in to Ewing headquarters.

Once we have received your application it should take no longer than 3 weeks to process and approve your account.

Ewing Credit Dept
3441 E. Harbour Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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Ewing Online



With Ewing1.com, Ordering Products Online Is Easy And Convenient. Order The Products You Need, When You Need Them, 24hrs A Day.


Need To Know Material Costs For A New Job? We're Happy To Help! Let Ewing Online Help Save You Time And Money By Delivering You Accurate Daily Pricing Detail On Demand.


Account Management Is Here And Easier Than Ever Before. With Ewing Online, You're In Control Of How To Set-Up And Manage Your Account.


By Having Easy Access To Accurate And Timely Information, You Are Truly “A Click Away” From The Answers You Need Each And Every Day.

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Security and Privacy

All transactions are conducted on secure servers with the latest encryption technology for your protection.

Privacy Policy:

At Ewing, we respect your right to confidentiality, and are committed to protecting your privacy. The information we gather on our Web site is used to process your order efficiently and effectively, and to determine the products and services that will be of most value to you. For security reasons, all personal information is stored on a separate and secure database server that is protected by state-of-the-art Firewall technology. When making a purchase, we ask you to provide information by filling out and submitting an on-line form which may include personal information. For purchases, this may include your credit card information, which is strictly limited in use to processing your order. All of your information is unreadable to a third party

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Note: Please Turn off any "pop-up killers" while navigating our site as they will prohibit it from working properly.

Which browser should I be using?

No matter what operating system you are on (Windows or Mac) it is recommended that you use the latest version of your preferred browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are the most popular options).

Warning to Internet Explorer users: It is highly advised that you turn Compatibility Mode OFF. This mode mimics the effects of using Internet Explorer 6 which does not conform to W3C standards for CSS.

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What is a cookie? Some web sites need to store information in a small text file, called a "cookie" on your hard disk. Cookies contain information about you and your preferences.

Your browser must be setup to accept "COOKIES" in order to properly use our catalog and ordering facility. When you log into Ewing1.com we use cookies to identify who you are and what is in your Order cart and Quote cart while you are browsing our site. If you clear your cookies while you are still logged in we will not be able to identify you and you will not be able to continue browsing inside the secure area. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you have set your browser to not accept cookies you will have to turn it back on or accept cookies from www.ewing1.com in order to log in and use our online services.

Note: If you are having problems with your cart, order, or quote not reflecting the correct information try clearing your temporary files. See below.

Internet Explorer users can go to the Tools menu and then Internet Options. Under the General Tab in the middle where is says Temporary Internet Files make sure your Settings are set to Every Visit to the Page. You can also Delete Cookies here and Delete (Temporary Internet) Files here. Make sure you check the box for Delete all offline content.

Firefox users go to the Tools menu and select Clear Private Data.

If the problem persists contact us for further assistance.

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We use Flash minimally on our site. For now only the Index page which you land on when typing in www.ewing1.com and the locations pages display Flash graphics. If you do not have the Flash plugin you can download it from www.adobe.com

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Registering Your Ewing Account Online 

You will need your Ewing Account number and the correct phone number that we have on file. Register Now

Your Ewing Account number can be found on any Ewing packing slip, invoice, or account statement. If you have a Cash Card you will find your Cash Account number on the card as well.

If you attempt to register and the phone number is not matching you will be directed to contact Web Services where you will be able to update your account information.

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Guest Catalog 

The Guest Catalog is intended for users that do not need a long term Ewing account. If you are a landscape or irrigation professional we hope that you will consider applying for a Ewing Cash Card or Credit account and taking advantage of the multiple services we offer contractors, commercial businesses and municipalities.

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Ordering Online 

You can order online by either registering your Ewing Account and logging in to our Ordering and Account Center or by using the Guest Catalog. It's easy just find the item you want to purchase add it to your cart and check out.

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Quoting Online 

Quoting is only available to our registered Ewing Account members. You must log in to the Ordering and Account Center using your Ewing Web ID and Password. If you do not have a Web ID and Password see the Registration section of this FAQ.

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View/Pay Accounting 

To access your Account online you must use your Ewing Web ID and Password to log in to our Ordering and Account Center. If you do not have one please see the Registration section of this FAQ.

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Ewing is dedicated to service and education and has many partners in the green industry. We have assembled a wide array of Manufacturer Sites, Trade Associations, Water Management and Conservation agencies, Educational sites, Guides, Charts, Specification sheets, MSDS sheets, and other various materials in our Resources page.

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Passwords and IDs 

Your Web ID is most likely to be your Ewing Cash Card or Credit Account number which can be found on any Ewing Packing Slip, Invoice, or Account Statement. If you have both a credit account and cash account with Ewing, be sure you are using the correct Web ID and Password, as each account has its own unique Web ID. If you do not have an account yet please review our Cash Card and Credit Applications.

If you have forgotten your password you can use your Ewing Account number and the email address you gave us during registration to request your password?

You can update your Account information online as well.

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If you have any questions or comments, please email us at webservices@ewing1.com or give us a call at 800-343-9464.

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